This year’s “The X-Files” revival was such a huge hit. The six-episode reboot came over a decade since the show’s last full season aired. However, old and new fans alike embraced the series. Will the revival really get a second season?

Fox has yet to confirm if they are going to make a follow-up season. However, according to, one of the show’s original stars, David Duchovny, is “a bit more hesitant” about shooting more episodes. Will this mean Gillian Anderson will get a new on-screen partner if they make another season?

The two stars returned on screen this year as Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Although hesitant, Duchovny did not exactly say no when asked if he was willing to return for another “X-Files” installment. In an interview with, the actor admitted he was a bit apprehensive at first when he was asked to take on his “X-Files” role again after nearly 15 years. But seeing the episodes they completed this year made him more confident to move forward with it. “It is a joy to play, as difficult as it can be,” he explained. “I guess what we found with this season was that it’s possible to still get it. It doesn’t not work…But now it’s like, now what? How do we make this interesting again for all of us?”

Anderson, on the other hand, said the show’s producers have yet to come to them about another season. “I’m open to the conversation, though they haven’t come to us yet. I have no clue when they’re going to,” the actress admitted.

Duchovny, meanwhile, said they will work doubly hard to make the show better if an “X-Files” follow-up ever gets made. “If we were going to move on, how do we make it work even better? That’s a question we’d want to ask,” the actor said.