Chris Carter is a happy man. His new and improved “The X-Files,” which premiered last month, has attracted high ratings. The show premiered across the United States and 80 other countries internationally and managed to attract more than 50 million viewers in these markets, setting a new record of sorts. These numbers are despite the series not premiering in key markets like UK, Australia and India.

Last week, ANN had given a low down of what the season premiere is going to be like. The premier episode entitled “My Struggle” was aired after the NC Championship football game. Screen Rant believes that this scheduling might have helped the show rake in a whopping 6.1 in the prized 18-49 viewer demographic, and bring in a total audience of over 16 million.

MovieWeb reports that six FOX channel markets in Latin America and 11 in Europe have delivered similar high ratings. MovieWeb informs the first two episodes of this iconic series outperformed the FY16 primetime benchmark by 68 percent in Latin America and outperformed the European FY15 primetime benchmark by four-fold.

The website further states that the show has established new rating records across FOX channels in Finland and Serbia for the premiere and Poland for the second episode, making them the most watched episodes ever on the FOX channel. The show had the most successful premiere in FOX history when it was aired in Italy and the Netherlands.

Does that mean that there will be a Season 11 for “The X-Files?” Screen Rant believes that the ball is in FOX’s court now. The show’s creator, Chris Carter, and the star cast including David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi have all said that they were open to returning with more episodes should there be a demand. If the show continues to deliver similar ratings and if it overtakes majority of the network’s primetime line-up, then there is every reason to believe that there would be a renewal.