4th Impact member Celina collapsed twice on the “X Factor” UK this season. While the girls assured fans that their sister was okay, no further explanation was provided. Simon Cowell’s ex Sinitta revealed a possible reason behind Celina’s dramatic collapse on the show.

Speaking to Mirror Online, the American singer mentioned that 4th Impact has too much pressure “to make their country proud.”

“I think it’s just those girls particularly never stop. They don’t stop, eat, relax, sleep,” Sinitta told the site.

On the quarter-finals of “X Factor” UK, the all-Filipino girl group faced a sing-off with singer Lauren Murray. After the judges’ decision led to a deadlock, the public chose to send  4th Impact home.

Shortly after results were announced, Celina collapsed on stage which caused panic on the show. American singer Sinitta was reported to live-tweet the incident despite Simon and other judges’ disagreement. She revealed that her purpose was to inform people what was happening.

“It’s like old school, like the Jacksons etc. It’s like ‘God, take a break’. But I think they’ll be massive. I thought they’d make the finals,” Sinitta added.

With 4th Impact voted off the show, Sinitta mentioned that she thinks Louisa Johnson will be this season’s winner.  “I think Louisa is extraordinary and she’s so young. I’m kind of happy whichever way it goes,” Sinitta said.

On Sunday, 4th Impact girls took to Twitter to send their message to fans. They wrote, “Thanks to all who voted for us why we reach this far. Celina is OK now thanks for your prayers and love – love u guys. Let’s keep believing.”

Despite being eliminated on the show, 4th Impact fans know that the girls won’t stop chasing their dreams. The girls are set to perform at Clothes Show on December 7 at the Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre. Their upcoming performance at the fashion festival will be their first post-“X Factor” gig.