In the current season of “X Factor” UK, all-Filipino girl group 4th Impact continues to shine in the international spotlight for their mind-blowing performances. But for some viewers, they believe that fellow “X Factor” contestant Lauren Murray wasn’t pleased with the girls being included in the Top 5.

According to GMA News Online, a 4th Impact member tried to hug Lauren upon learning that they were safe from being eliminated on the show. Lauren was seen to “brush off” the hand of the 4th Impact member and fans were definitely not happy about it.

As reported on Mirror, some viewers claimed that Lauren also called one 4th Impact member a “s**g” during the episode on Sunday night.

After Lauren’s act towards the girls trended on social media, the “X factor” contestant addressed the issue.

4th Impact girls posted a video on their Twitter account and asked their fans to stop spreading the hate on Lauren.

The sisters said, “Hello guys, we are 4th Impact and we want you to please stop telling [Lauren] anything because she loves us a lot and we love Lauren. It wasn’t bad, okay? We love you!”

In the video, the girls were seen together with fellow “X Factor” contestants including Lauren Murray. They revealed that Lauren’s their friend who likes Philippine native dish “chicken adobo.”

The Week 4 of Live Shows was indeed full of controversies. Aside from the issue involving 4th Impact and Lauren Murray, some viewers called the show “a fix.” Some claimed that Cowell was heard whispering “Che Che” to fellow judges before the final voting which meant to send away his own singer, Anton Stephans.

4th Impact, Lauren Murray, Reggie N’ Bollie, Louisa Johnson, and Che Chesterman will now battle for the Top 4 spots as they perform to “”Jukebox” songs next week, GMA News Online wrote.