4th Impact seems preoccupied at the moment. According to reports, the all-Filipino girl group are taking on gigs after their journey on “X Factor” UK. Thus, it led to speculations that the girls might have their own album soon.

As reported on Realty Today, 4th Impact continues to amaze the crowd with their mind-blowing performances. A week after being eliminated on the show, the girls performed their song rendition of Jessie J’s “Bang Bang” at Clothes Show in NEC Birmingham. This was the hit single they sang when they auditioned for the British singing competition.

According to the site, there are ongoing rumours that the girls are working on their debut album. And although the girls haven’t confirmed nor denied those rumours, some 4th Impact fans are already awaiting its release.

It was mentioned on Unreality TV that the girls performed in front of Sony executives. Could this mean that they’re a step closer to signing a record contract?

Earlier this week, the 4th Impact girls performed at an “X Factor” gig in London alongside top 3 finalists Louisa Johnson, Che Chesterman and Reggie ‘N Bollie. The gig was “private and intimate” as it was only opened to “TalkTalk” customers.

It was reported that the 4th Impact siblings were excited to have their “first big gig in the UK.”

The girls said,

“It’s so exciting. It was so much fun and it was the first time we have had a UK private gig. Thank you X Factor, it was so cool.”

Unreality TV reported that Sony executives were invited to watch the “X Factor” acts to perform. Aside from the top 3 finalists, 4th Impact was the only former “X Factor” contestant who attended the gig. Thus, speculations circulated that the girls might sign their record contract soon.

Do you think the girls will release their own album soon? Just keep your fingers crossed, 4th Impact fans!