The first look at “X Factor” UK 2016 promises big changes and the return of the good old days.

“X Factor” UK released a teaser that broadcast last Monday during half-time of the football match between England and Iceland, the Huffington Post reported. It showed the latest lineup of judges, which appears to be a reunion with Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh, and Simon Cowell back on the panel.

They immediately went to work as an “X Factor” hopeful stepped on stage. Scherzinger took charge of the question and answer session with a bit of help from Cowell. The panel appeared skeptical, as contestant Beck Martin announced his intention to sing his original song titled “Friday Night.” More so, after Cowell asked what it was about and Martin repeated, “Friday Night.”

Martin followed Scherzinger’s advice to have fun, as he let loose and began what looked like a gym routine. Incidentally, he’s gym instructor. He’s also a manager at a McDonald’s. Hence, Cowell’s revelation of his love for their fish burgers. Nicole Scherzinger corrected her fellow judge’s gaffe and pointed out that they’re called fish fillets not burgers. Returning host Dermot O’Leary attested to Cowell’s fondness for fish fillets.

Earlier doubts about Martin and his original dance track disappeared after Scherzinger gamely stood up to dance, the Mirror wrote. Osbourne and Walsh also busted a few moves to the beat. Even Cowell couldn’t pass up the powerful pull of the song.

Meanwhile O’Leary picked up the lyrics right away and sang along with Martin who also had the entire crew jumping. By the end, everyone had a good time plus a workout to boot. Scherzinger certainly felt the burn as she stood atop the table and did squats. However, Cowell had to make sure he got the song title right.

“What was the name of the song?” Simon Cowell asked jokingly. “Friday night,”Martin repeated.

If the clip is any indication what audiences can expect this season, then “X Factor” UK 2016 is off to a good start. The spin off show “The Xtra Factor” promises big changes as well, ITV reported. This season features a new host, Matt Edmonson, and a live telecast to give viewers the latest news from the contestants’ auditions.