Simon Cowell is riding high on the recent success of America’s Got Talent and the rebirth of the X Factor UK 2016. However, his current situation with the members of his most popular brainchild One Direction is another matter altogether.

It is no secret what the members of One Direction have been up to since their hiatus began. However, their solo projects seem to be of no surprise to Simon Cowell. It would not be surprising if the music mogul does feel a touch of bitterness about it. After all, he did have a hand in their success.

“Look, I’m not going to lie when I hear they’re doing something and they haven’t approached me. You think, ‘Well I would have liked you to,’ but it’s their choice. I’m not bitter – much,” Cowell laughingly told reporters on the red carpet of the AGT 2016 live finale.

However, he seems to have harsher words for former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Of late, news is rife about his upcoming show and a tell-all memoir. The no-holds barred book, reportedly titled Zayn, would tell the story of his life. Hence, it would likely include his time with the boyband and possibly include a few anecdotes about Simon Cowell. When asked for his opinion about Malik’s projects, the music mogul apologized for making him famous. Moreover, he revealed a lack of interest in anything Zayn would write about, according to People.

The music mogul earned a reputation early on for his tactless yet on-point commentary. Fans either love him or hate him. However, no one can deny his uncanny ability to spot talent. Thus, he has delivered some of the biggest musical acts the world has ever known. It is likely why many flock to his shows like the X Factor UK 2016. No doubt, they hope Simon would see in them what he saw in many of his famous protégés.

Will Simon Cowell find his next big protégé on the X Factor UK 2016?