X Factor UK 2016 returning judge Louis Walsh shared his opinion about the success stories from the popular reality TV show. However, Directioners might not want to hear what he had to say.

Louis Walsh is back on the X Factor UK 2016. He rejoined Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell on the judges’ panel along with Nicole Scherzinger. The Irishman earlier expressed excitement at the talented hopefuls coming this season. During the Dublin auditions, Walsh hoped to find the next Niall Horan from his home country of Ireland.

No doubt, this year’s winner would join the success stories launched by the franchise throughout the years. Yet it seems Louis has something to get off his mind first. As it turns out, the Irish judge has issues with some of the X Factor UK’s stars. According to him, many of them only became famous because of the show. Yet some forget how their fame came about and end up absorbed by it. Thus, their entitlement mentality.

He also became quite vocal about One Direction. The boy band is arguably the most popular and successful product of the show. Thus, his opinion is unexpected and would likely be a shock to Directioners now. Louis Walsh seemed certain about the One Direction split.

“Yeah, I would say so. Some of them believed the hype and then everyone around them – publicists, agents, managers – were afraid to tell them because they were making so much money out of them,” Louis Walsh told The Telegraph when asked if the 1D split was for good.

The loyalty of One Direction came into question recently following the solo recording contract of Liam Payne. Even Simon Cowell appeared affected by the turn of events. The omission of the 1D star’s name spoke volumes during an earlier interview of the music mogul in late July. Thus, would the description of monsters be justified?

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