How would fans of the X Factor UK 2016 react to the alleged truth behind Honey G’s rapper act?

Fans of the X Factor UK 2016 expressed their disappointment over Honey G and her spot in the live finals. Many took to social media to convey their outrage and shock. Some even said it was the sign to prove the reality TV singing competition had to stop. Thus, it would seem that earlier promises of a better show this time around did not measure up to their expectations.

Honey G rapper act on the X Factor UK 2016 revealed!

Yet could the latest revelation about Honey G make matters worse for her and the show? Apparently, the rapper act she does is reportedly a fake. As it turns out, Honey G is Anna Gilford in real life. Moreover, she is a graduate of Salford University and she has a master’s degree from UCL to boot.

She worked in IT prior to putting up a recruitment consultancy. Among her many interests include tennis, skiing and current affairs. However, she underwent a complete makeover and transformed into the tough, urban rapper whom audiences know to date.

“The kind of person she was was very very switched on. There was none of this urban street persona – she was… a smart student… Super cool, the kind of persona she’s putting on on The X Factor is very dumbed down…She’s very smart – it’s like she’s had a complete personality transplant… Anna is nothing like this character…,” Stephanie Jones told The Sun Online. Jones attended Salford University at the same time as Gilford, hence her familiarity with the real Honey G.

The additional remarks of Jones about Honey G could prove more worrisome for fans of the X Factor UK 2016. She fears the rapper act could be a sham to fool the show’s bosses. How long can Honey G keep up her alleged act especially with the live finals coming up?