Former “X Factor” judge Louis Walsh referred to the 4th Impact girls as “pointless” because he doubts that viewers will vote for the all-Filipino girl group.

Mirror Online reported that Louis Walsh mentioned that the girls are talented but they need to go home “wherever they are from.”

Speaking to BANG, Walsh said,

“I don’t see the point of the four girls from wherever they’re from. I don’t know who’s going to vote for them. Where are they from? They’re really good but I just don’t see the point.”

The music manager behind Westlife and Boyzone said that he believes singer Louisa Johnson will win the battle in this year’s “X Factor” season. However, Louis Walsh admitted that crooner Che Chesterman is a threat to Louisa.

“There are two people I like in it. I like Louisa and Che. Either or,” Walsh admitted. He called Louisa “the best winner” and referred to Che as “an amazing singer.” He said that looks won’t matter if you’ve got the talent.

A source from ITV told Mirror Online that Louis Walsh’s comments on 4th Impact are irrelevant because the group made it to the quarter-finals of the “X Factor” this season. The all-Filipino group has received positive reception from fans and viewers worldwide for their mind-blowing performances.

Meanwhile, some viewers didn’t like the way “X Factor” judge Simon Cowell addressed the 4th Impact girls on “Jukebox” week. As mentioned on Metro, it appeared that Simon “forgot” the names of the girls.

He told sisters Almira and Mylene, “Vocally that was – and B” when Cheryl interrupted him and asked who he was referring to.

The “X Factor” boss pointed at the two girls and said, “B – A, B. B, your vocal was absolutely outstanding at parts.” The girls saw the “funny side” of Simon’s comments but the viewers didn’t.