After Anton Stephans was voted off on “X Factor” UK last week, viewers were outraged as they claimed that the show is “fixed.” On top of the controversial issue, contestant Che Chesterman is reported to lash back at Anton Stephans.

Speaking to OK! Online, Che Chesterman labeled the former “X Factor” contestant as “bitter.”

“It’s bitter innit? It’s just bitter. that’s all it is,” Che said. He mentioned that Anton didn’t like the comments made by Che’s mentor Nick Grimshaw. On the week 4 of live shows, Anton had a clash with the “X Factor” judge who commented that his performance felt “inauthentic.”

“I think Nick meant it was a bit theatrical, and that kind of act. But, you know, Anton’s come out the show and he’s just slagged Nick off, so whatever, that’s the way it goes,” Che added. The 19-year-old singer said that his mentor has moved on from what happened.

In a report by Yahoo! Celebrity, Anton Stephans explained why he responded that way to Nick last weekend.

“I think to talk about it is one thing but to do it is another, so if you’re going to talk about me standing on stage and doing something not real then why don’t you stand on stage,” Anton said.

“Everything about me is absolutely authentic and real, so I took offence by that. I think he’s a lovely man but I’m not going to allow him to do that,” he added.

According to the site, Anton has not yet spoken to Nick off-show. And if given the chance to pick a judge to replace Nick, Anton revealed that he would choose 1D member Louis Tomlinson. He mentioned that Louis is “gracious” and a “gentleman.”

But it looks like Che Chesterman wouldn’t like the idea of replacing his mentor. The crooner mentioned the friendship he has with Nick.

“I know I can talk to him about something that’s not related to singing or X Factor, and he can give me advice about it, so he’s that kind of person, we’re just like best friends now,” Che admitted.

This weekend, Che Chesterman will perform British singer Adele’s record-breaking song, “Hello.” Will his performance land him on the Top 4?

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