Fans who are upset when their favorites are eliminated from a reality show is only natural. But what happens when fans strongly believe that an error in a voting app has caused their much-loved participants to be eliminated? They demand their favorite group to be reinstated!

And the 4th Impact fans are no different. It was last week that the popular girl group on “X Factor UK” – 4th Impact were shown the red light in the competition because of the lowest public votes received. However, fans refused to believe that their favorite group collected the minimum votes. They are adamant that it is the error on the X Factor’s app that resulted in their elimination, and not lack of votes, as noted by RealityTV.

X Factor co-host Olly Murs, during the live show had mentioned that they had encountered some issues with the app and requested to cast the votes by phone, in case fans experience any problems with the app. So, it could be the case that many fans who voted through the app believed that their vote has been registered, but in fact it may not have happened and there is no way for them to know.

But that may not have been the case and while many may be hoping to see the 4th Impact back on the “X Factor UK” stage, it might just not happen. If the error on the app in any way contributed towards the Filipino girl band going home, then it would have surely been brought forward.

The voting undergoes audits and these independent bodies would have brought the issue to the forefront and a correct action would have been taken. Since, that is not the way things have panned out, it is safe to assume that girls were eliminated because of the least votes. While, that may be a hard pill to swallow, fans can keep a close watch whether their favorite group plans to rock the real world. Keep coming back to this page for more.