X Factor Australia will have Iggy Azalea as one of the judges in the upcoming talent search show. She will sit beside Adam Lambert and Guy Sebastian in judges’ panel for its eighth season.

After Iggy has broken up her engagement with Nick Young over infidelity issues, the young rap star has chosen to go home bound .

She will replace Dannii Minogue’s place. However, X Factor Australia may have chosen wrong in casting the heartbroken rapper.

In a Daily Mail report, the young rapper looked somber and dejected as she passed through LAX on her way to her birthday party. Trying to keep a low profile, Iggy zipped past the airport in a baseball cap and sunglasses.

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Iggy Azalea is still in the throes of moving on from the breakup she just announced last Sunday. On Instagram the rapper indicated her inability to bring back the trust she had for her ex fiance Nick Young. Can this mean she might have been disturbed enough after evidence of Nick Young’s infidelity surfaced on YouTube?

The clip refers to Nick Young discussing his cheating moment with a 19-year old in a club while D’Angelo Russell caught it on camera. Last March, the video leaked. Iggy and Nick Young announced their engagement two weeks after.

However, the engagement did not last long before Iggy cut it off. Last Sunday, she broke the news that her engagement with cheating Nick Young was over.


She then went on Twitter to clarify that she did not kick out Nick. Instead, she was the one moving out.


She also returned the engagement ring to Nick. However, she kept the classic Chevy Impala she gave Nick as a gift, TMZ reports.

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However, as she moves out back down under to judge X Factor Australia, will she be able to do her judging duties credibly?

With her unstable emotions at the moment, she might not be the best person to lend judgment to the aspiring X Factor Australia contestants.

X Factor Australia will start airing this Wednesday with heartbroken and unstable Iggy Azalea in the judge’s chair. Let’s hope the blonde young rapper keeps her emotions in check and be able to focus on contestants who are striving to make it big on the screen.