X Factor Australia 2016 judge Iggy Azalea shared secrets about her rise to fame that might surprise fans.

Everyone knows Iggy Azalea. Moreover, everyone is aware of the glamorous life she leads as a big rap star in Hollywood. However, the success and fame she enjoys to date are the products of hard work and sacrifice. The X Factor Australia 2016 judge revealed her struggles early on in a teaser clip for the popular reality competition.

According to the superstar judge, she dropped out of high school and took up a full-time job cleaning vacation homes. Hence, she is accustomed to hard work. She used the money she saved up and headed to Hollywood. Eventually, she realized her dream to become a rap star. Iggy also shared an interesting fact about her name. As it turns out, it came from the pet dog she had while growing up in Mullumbimby. Her birth name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

This time around, Iggy hopes to find the next Aussie star who will amaze the world. Impassioned by her new role as an X Factor Australia 2016 judge, she expressed willingness to help hopefuls on their journey to stardom.

“I want to try and find that person that the rest of the world can see and be amazed by,” Mail Online quoted the rap star from the X Factor teaser clip. News of the rap star’s inclusion on X Factor Australia Season 8 received varied reactions. Sources cited her recent breakup from NBA star Nick Young could cloud her judgement on the show.
Then again, the show’s new host Jason Dundas gave positive feedback on Iggy Azalea’s performance so far. Contrary to speculation, it would appear the rap star is compassionate and encouraging towards contestants. Iggy likely sees her early years in the hopefuls who brave the X Factor stage.

Watch X Factor Australia 2016 judge Iggy Azalea in a teaser clip.