A shocking decision awaits “X Factor’ Australia fans this week. The judges will choose the song for their rival contestants tonight.

Preview of Monday’s episode shows tension in the competition. It shows at least one of the contestants in tears and the judges apparently in a tense discussion.

Watch preview here.

The six remaining acts for “X Factor” Australia are: Cyrus Villanueva, Mahalia Simpson, Louise Adams, Jess & Matt, Big T, and Natalie Conway.

Some of them picked a song they want another contestant to perform in tonight’s challenge.

Jess & Matt want “Crusin’” duet from Big T and Cyrus.

Mahalia picked “Kiss” by Prince for Big T, while Louise wants to hear Natalie sing an a cappella song.

Meanwhile, “X Factor” Australia contestant Michaela Baranov slammed judge Guy Sebastian for not giving her adequate feedback.

Michaela was sent home last week after battling out with Mahalia Simpson.

In an interview with Sydney Confidential, the 24-year-old aspiring singer from Sydney said she understands that singing is subjective, but added that Sebastian expressed his disliked for her without backing it up with constructive feedback.

“Entertainment is subjective so everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is evident Guy didn’t like me as a person or as an artist, and that’s all right, but what was frustrating was that he wasn’t constructive with the feedback he gave me,” said Michaela.

“As a judge, your responsibility is to give feedback to the contestants so they can learn and grow and develop and I feel like he lacked in that department,” she added.

Michaela then praised her mentor Dannii Minogue as a coach.

“I was lucky enough to have Dannii as a coach because she was so on point with every bit of feedback she has given,” Baranov told Sydney Confidential.

Michaela was not the first eliminated contestant who criticized “X Factor” Australia.

Former contestant Jimmy Davis called the singing competition a “game show” and claimed it was the producers who have control over the songs that the contestants will sing.