Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull might launch an investigation into Federal Minster Wyatt Roy’s revelation where he claimed being caught up in a conflict between Islamic State and Kurdish Peshmerga forces on Thursday.

Roy provided a video footage to a reputed media outlet in which armed and gunfire men were seen. The ex-minister said that he went to Iraq but did not expect to be caught in crossfire while on his way to Kurdistan. Aussie Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, however, criticized her former colleague for his travel to Iraq.

“It was irresponsible of Wyatt Roy to travel to the front-line of the conflict between [IS] and Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq, in a region regarded as very high risk,” Bishop said in a statement released on Thursday. “He has placed himself at risk of physical harm and capture, and acted in defiance of Government advice.”

“Mr. Roy did not seek nor did he receive assistance from the Australian Government for his travel to Iraq. The Government does not endorse or approve of Mr. Roy’s actions, and strongly urges other Australians to follow the official advice of ‘do not travel to Iraq’.”

Roy said that the team that went for a visit to Iraq was a bit unfortunate to be caught in the clash. He added that airstrikes launched by ISIS were handled perfectly by the Peshmerga forces. The former assistant minister said that the proper tackling of the situation by the Kurdish group indicated the effectiveness of the contribution made by Australians to the “security level” there.

In an online conversation with SBS, former “A Current Affair” host Jana Wendt, Roy said that there were almost 15 ISIS insurgents who battled the Kurdish fighter in Domez, close to the Iraqi town of Sinjar. It was quite serious to think about being hit by “50-cal bullet” and hence they continued to stay at one place.

Seeing the controversy arising out of the claims made by Roy and Bishop, affecting the political scenario of Australia makes it likely for Turnbull to investigate the matter and unveil the facts.