WWE Wrestlemania welcomed back Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock”. The highlight of the event was his tag-team with John Cena. Together, they took on the Wyatt Brothers and destroyed them.

After crushing every opponent in his path, Johnson seemed to want more. This time he challenged Zac Efron. HollywoodLife reported the major smackdown and warned Efron to watch his back!

However, the website was quick to reveal that the challenge was merely a promotion for their new movie “Baywatch”. A source told HollywoodLife that it’s the perfect opportunity for actors to show off their “bangin’ bodies”.

“The Rock & Zac [Efron] have become fast friends on the Baywatch set, and it’s all thanks to their bodies,” the source told the website.

The source revealed that lifting and working out are their shared pastime. They’ve also talked about wrestling, the source added.

“The Rock has told Zac that he should join him [at WrestleMania] and watch it. That conversation led to [a plan] that they will probably appear on Monday Night Raw together to promote Baywatch. The Rock has told Zac he’ll teach him to wrestle if they end up having a match,” the source revealed.

Thanks to his role in “Baywatch”, Zac Efron’s body has become insanely buff, HollywoodLife noted. However, his sexy eight-pack abs might not be enough to match “The Rock” in the ring, the website observed.

According to the Business Insider, Efron trained for months before filming. The website also reported about the “Ninja Warrior”-like training course for him and Dwayne Johnson on set. The actors use it to work out.

Efron and Johnson took their physical routine to the next level with a friendly tire-flipping race. “The Rock” won, the website noted.

Dwayne Johnson recently revealed the first pic of the new cast for “Baywatch”, Maxim reported.

Zac Efron also posted a pic of himself with Kelly Rohrbach while saving someone’s life. Maxim praised the new beach crew for their sexy look.

I volunteer to drown just to have Zac save me…😍 #ZacEfron #Baywatch

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