Everybody seems to be waiting for WWE Wrestlemania 32 to unfold. April promises to host one of the biggest and exciting WWE events ever.

Very little did we know that a major shock is already on our way. John Cena won’t be a part of WWE Wrestlemania 32.

Yes, you read it right. The 15-time heavyweight champion, John Cena, announced that he will be undergoing a medical procedure for shoulder injury. He sidelined himself for “undetermined amount of time”, reported CBS Sports.

He took to twitter to confirm the news. His post reads, “Rather upside down start to 2016 as tomorrow I will head to Birmingham for shoulder surgery. Life’s full of set backs but #nevergiveup.”

Well, the hashtag surely won’t suffice the fact that he won’t be taking the ring in April. This announcement came as a huge blow for the company as well as the hype surrounding the upcoming event. Though he wasn’t publicly part of the WWE promotions for the show, we all knew that nothing could keep him away from the ring.

He has been put under the knife on several occasions in the past but has recovered well from his injuries. The indefinite time period would keep his fans guessing. Well, you never know when he schedules his return to the ring.

Speculations have already started making the rounds as to his replacement against the match against Undertaker. While we continue to speculate, the two most standout replacements could be an immediate solution to the Cena problem.

As per the Whatculture reports, Sting could be back from his injuries to take the ring against the mighty Undertaker. While there is no official confirmation on his return, the idea of having Sting pitched Undertaker gives us the jitters. Sting is still out due to a neck injury which he suffered during the “Night of the Champion’s” match back in September.

Another most sorted out candidate could be the Rock. Yes, he did announce his comeback and his return is one of the most awaited ones.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming WWE Wrestlemania 32.