With the date of Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas coming closer, the rumors of John Cena vs The Undertaker match have sparked the adventure even more.

The match was supposed to be the event of a lifetime, according to the Inquisitr. In the meantime, Cena has been found suffering from a shoulder injury, which kept him out of the Wrestlemania card.

However, he was seen in special appearances to support and cheer the Rock fend off The Wyatt Family. On the other hand, The Undertaker battled with Shane McMahon inside the Hell in a Cell. The former made a strong exit with a record of 23-1 in Wrestlemania, Dallas.

In April, reports revealed that Cena and The Undertaker would participate in the match in Wrestlemania 32 if the former had not suffered an injury. Cena remained under treatment for surgery.

As a result, the duo will face each other in the next year’s Wrestlemania 33 scheduled to be held in Orlando. WWE’s official website uploaded a video a few months ago where it mentioned some moments the fans must be waiting for at Wrestlemania 33. The “6 moments we want to see at Wrestlemania 33” list contained Cena vs. The Undertaker match as one of the most awaited WWE events.

According to Yibada.com, the official revelation increased possibilities of WWE’s planning towards arranging the same. The Undertaker’s exit from the Dallas a few months back has indicted his time to bid goodbye to his wrestling career.

It was supposed that his match with McMahon will be the last match of his career. Meanwhile, the wrestler was accused of having a conversation with peers where he admitted that he was officially done. This fuelled the fire of speculations among the fans.

However, these days, The Undertaker has remained in the spotlight, especially for his active social media involvement. This is yet another reason for people to believe that the wrestler will be seen battling against Cena at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando in 2017.

Meanwhile, Cena underwent a surgery in January for his broken labrum and he would need around nine months to recover.