WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt indicated his desire to face Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” once again in Wrestlemania 33 to finish the incomplete match in Wrestlemania 32.

On the ESPN “Off The Top Rope” segment of SportsCenter this week, WWE announcer Todd Grisham had a conversation with Wyatt. When asked about his experience on battling The Rock in this year’s Wrestlemania, Wyatt said that it is a memorable moment for every wrestler to face The Rock in the contest, who is considered even a bigger wrestling ace than The Undertaker. He added that it was a good experience but he was also disappointed as the fight remains unfinished.

Wyatt said that he would be willing to complete the fight with the WWE star at Wrestlemania 33. “Being out there with The Rock…It was cool, I guess I would say, but I would also have to admit that we have unfinished business,” he said as quoted by Heavy.com. “And if he’s listening, if he’s watching, Rock, I would love to finish it at Wrestlemania 33.”

In the conversation, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman also joined Wyatt. To the question relating to how it was going with the Wyatt family and WWE, Wyatt said that all was well. People have begun respecting them as they have taken on the top WWE fighters. On Grisham’s mention of Wyatt vs The Undertaker, the guest said that it was a great experience. The Undertaker influence was fascinating, he added.

While talking to Grisham, Wyatt revealed that Jake “The Snake” Roberts is his all-time favorite WWE Superstar. On being asked about what attribute one must have to become a WWE star, he said that if one comes with fear in mind, he will lose. So no one should come with the “deer caught in the headlights” look. Grisham put Wyatt in a difficult situation when he asked him to make a choice among Strowman, Rowan and Luke Harper. He handled the question diplomatically and said he loved all of them equally.

Though it is still unclear if the match between The Rock and Bray Wyatt will really happen, there are fans waiting to see them battling each other in Wrestlemania 33 to be held in 2017.