Broken Matt Hardy might make a comeback to the ring. He might just battle with Bray Wyatt, making it one of the most challenging matches. Hardy has given TNA a new life on Pop TV as depicted from the highest ranking, recorded for 2016 on Thursday night’s Impact Zone debut.

The rating of the TNA came following a match between Hardy brothers where Jeff Hardy faced the “Broken” star. A similar WWE match aired after a week between The New Day and the Wyatt Family on Rawat the Wyatt compound.

The Matt Hardy Comeback

Hardy, in an interview with Sports Illustrated, expressed his desire to battle with Wyatt. “I would love, one day down that road, to show up in WWE and have a match with the Bray Wyatt. I would love to bring him to my battlefield and delete him-that would be my honor,” Hardy said.

In addition to expressing his wish of deleting the wrestling star from the ring, Hardy also added liking for The Eater of Worlds. He said that he would love to face off Wyatt and do the same to him as he did to Brother Nero.

Although the wrestlers belong to different companies, they exhibit similar characters. Hardy defeated his brother, Jeff, in a Final Destination Match held in North Carolina. He became yet another most popular WWE star of the year.

“Brother Nero has been deleted,” Hardy said. “Right now, he exists in the darkness of deletion. That means I deleted everything within him that made him special–his aura, his essence, his spirit, his soul. Everything that made my brother a charismatic enigma, I took that away. I deleted it, and now he is nothing more than an empty vessel of flesh.”

Recently, it has been found that WWE is seeking interest in bringing its former wrestlers back. If the authorities are planning Matt Hardy return at the moment, they can use a current Twitter argument with Wyatt to commence the fight. Reports have indicated that Wyatt has backstage heat with Matt, as a result of which The Wyatt Family began breaking up.