Along with the WWE Draft came several speculations, one of the most surprising of which is the return of veteran wrestlers Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle.

The event commenced on Tuesday night, thereby giving spectacular attention to Raw and Smackdown, which are scheduled to begin on July 25. According to recent reports, some of the former wrestlers are to be brought back to the ring. Jimmy Wang Yang is yet another name besides Hardy and Angle. Hardy attended Jim Ross’ “Ross Report” podcast recently, where he was asked questions relating to his professional career, his injury and his growing age.

Hardy is known for his match against The Undertaker. When asked about the desire of his fans of seeing him once again facing off his rival, he said that it was all about timing. “All the time man, “ he said. “We were doing a signing before a show Saturday here in North Carolina and I don’t know how many people said man, the best match you’ve ever had was you against The Taker, it was so good—and your (Ross) commentary comes up in the balance as well. Oh my God, just everything was so perfect about that match.

“Every time, I go back and watch that. I haven’t watched that in a while, but every time that I do I get goosebumps, and if you get the goosebumps man, it’s always good.”

According to Fansided, the reports also revealed that Rhyno and Curt Hawkins are also making a comeback to the main roster. They will be seen on SmackDown.  WWE released Hawkins in 2014 following eight years of his service in the company while Rhyno has been associated with NXT for the past year.

The return of Hardy would be a pleasant surprise for fans and followers. His match against The Undertaker is one of the best. How about seeing him facing off the Deadman once again?