With the news of the much-awaited Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins battle in the ring, rumors about the former dropping the championship have emerged.

The match is a little more relevant for Ambrose than other battles as this will be his fight to defend his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) world heavyweight championship title. The triple threat match at the “Battleground” will feature Rollins as well as Roman Reigns besides Ambrose.

The agreement of the trio for the battle comes as a result of WWE’s continuous two-year efforts. Monday Night Raw confirmed this week that Ambrose will fight to defend his title. The first match will be between the title defender and Rollins, which will be held only six days ahead of the PPV and one day prior to the WWE Draft. WWE Draft is the event that decides which wrestler will choose which brand once the Battleground ends.

The match will be challenging as he will be facing off his two “The Shield” former brothers, Reigns and Rollins, in the ring.

Rumors state that Ambrose would drop the title after the “Battleground.” The match will put an end to all controversies, rumors and speculations. It was only in June that the rumor maker won the title “Money in the Bank.” It was then when Rollins and Reigns began aiming to regain what they lost. This will be an interesting match to see who among them will win and defend their stand.

Another speculation about the trio match is who will be the first to enter the ring for the fight – Ambrose or Rollins. The Inquisitr reported that a majority of the population is predicting a title change after the match, which will be six days before the actual decision.

It is also being speculated and rumored that WWE authorities will use Ambrose’s title drop as a publicity stunt to draw the attention of fans towards Smackdown and the WWE Draft.