Here comes another one of the big WWE rumors 2016! The latest news involves the attacker of Nikki Bella. Rumors indicate that it’s Becky Lynch, which shocked fans.

At Survivor Series 2016, the 33-year-old wrestler wasn’t able to join the five-on-five match due to an alleged attack. However, the Inquisitr reports that the attacker is not someone from the prime suspects. As expected, the WWE 2016 Survivor Series 2016 carries a lot of drama including Bella’s issue.

Bella went on a break because of neck injury but made a comeback in August where she became a member of the SmackDown live roster. Moreover, the backstage attack segment was all part of a plan weeks ago.

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WWE’s storyline wants to make the fans believe that Natalya is the attacker. Apparently, over the week after SmackDown live, Bella accused Carmela of attacking her, which led to their match at WWE 2016 TLC on Dec. 4 in a no disqualification match.

It can be recalled that Natalya took Bella’s place when she was on break but rumors remain rumors until the truth is revealed. Meanwhile, Wrestling News reports that if there is someone who could have a reason to attack Bella, it’s Becky Lynch.

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Lynch was reportedly jealous that she is not the team captain of Survivor Series. She was also jealous that Bella gets to have more air time in spite of the fact that she is the WWE SmackDown Women’s champion. It seems jealousy is the reason behind the attack, which makes sense.

With that being said, it will all be revealed in March of next year and might create a more interesting storyline. After the revelation in March, a set-up match will follow Wrestlemania 33 on April 2017. Judging from the rumors, it seems that WWE wants to pull off a big surprise.