Latest WWE news are shining the spotlight on rising star Kevin Owens.  As some reports and sources are predicting, it won’t be long before Owens will be given a big break in the world of wrestling entertainment.

If the new report from Inquisitr is true, it looks like WWE Chairman Vince McMahon could turn a new leaf. McMahon initially wasn’t sure of Owens’ star power, but that has reportedly changed and the big boss has taken notice.

“Vince is known for liking a certain type of look for his WWE Superstars, which is well documented, but with this new generation, the thought is that he will see a lot of different types of bodies, and he has to be okay with them not being the same old 80’s muscle bound guys,” the report shared.

“Apparently, officials are not just impressed with his in-ring work, but also with his work on the mic and on commentary. McMahon may now be one Owens’ biggest supporters, which is a huge level of support to have at the end of the day.”

Owens has started to climb that ladder of fame and glory right after he bagged the NXT Championship against former ally Sami Zayn.  Fans quickly took notice of him when he beat John Cena and by winning two WWE Intercontinental Titles in his first year in the main roster.

Things are definitely looking up for Kevin Owens.

Meanwhile, previous WWE news have suggested that a mass release is due this month, and several speculations about who gets to stay or not has already surfaced online.

One particular favourite, AJ Styles, was recently put in the spotlight after he was reportedly asked to take a leave to prepare for his Extreme Rules stint.  This alarmed fans, with some speculating that this might be WWE’s subtle way of slowly easing Styles away from the limelight.

Luckily, What Culture clarified that the WWE star will be back in the ring in no time, and speculations about his exit are most likely rumours.