SmackDown Live episode on Tuesday featured Eva Marie facing off Becky Lynch, where the former seemed to suffer from an injury.

However, the latest update on the issue is that Marie did not face any injury but was going through a scripted storyline. It was shown on the screen that the wrestler had some injury when she stepped off the ropes.

According to reports, WWE is trying to get Marie back on the ring soon and make her one of the top female Superstars. The company believes that if the wrestler is back, it will help in promotional activities as her looks compliment the superstar style. The revelation from WWE makes it very likely for Marie to return to the ring and represent women on the SmackDown.

The reports indicated that Lynch might be seen as the top babyface on SmackDown. Fans are waiting to see both dynamic wrestlers battling even outside the ring sometime in the future. SportsKeeda reported that the company is also planning to push the Blue Brand when there is a shortage of talent.

Marie came into the WWE world without any kind of training in 2013. She joined television because of her interest in WWE Total Divas. However, WWE found that wrestling was what Marie had been poor at and her promos were also not influential. The company helped her get training at the WWE Performance Center with Brian Kendrick as her trainer.

Though Marie’s wrestling skills did not improve, her promotional capabilities got enhanced. Fans might not like her as a wrestler but she is appreciated for her promotional hits.

According to Inquisitr, WWE has forgotten that Marie hardly has the ability to remain at the top.

However, there are nine women in the company who are better in terms of skills than Marie. Even the new entrant Lana with little experience in the ring has proven how capable she is and what she can give the company.