All the latest WWE news are hinting that superstars AJ Styles and John Cena are bound to go head-to-head over a title match very soon.

Fans have been waiting for this moment to come. With Styles making a name of his own, it’s no wonder why audiences have grown to love him. As for Cena, his recent return to the ring has definitely got waiting fans looking forward to his next matches.

While nothing has been set in stone just yet, many are already clamoring for a Styles-Cena match. Previous reports claimed that WWE execs have already succumbed to this request with a possible WWE SummerSlam encounter.  However, new reports are claiming that the match could come sooner than expected, with a title belt up for grabs.

“The ideal scenario would be to have Styles and Cena fight for a while, especially with the two of them supposedly being the top names for WWE SmackDown when the brand split occurs,” Inquistr shared. “One plan rumored is for WWE to have two World Titles again. Due to the fact that WWE RAW may end up getting the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, SmackDown would need to have their own champion.”

The site also speculated that Styles might get the upper hand in the match since WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has reportedly taken notice of his abilities.
“Vince McMahon reportedly feels he can rely on Styles, which is bigger than people assume,” the report continued. “There have been talks of putting a title on Styles before the end of the year. That means he could win the new World Title, beating John Cena. This could very well happen at SummerSlam, but the company could hold off on it until a bit later depending on how the Cena/Styles rivalry goes.”
Stay tuned for more WWE news about AJ Styles and John Cena’s upcoming match!