Latest WWE news confirming mass releases by the end of this month have sent fans into a frenzy.  Avid viewers of both WWE Raw and Smackdown are now on a steady watch to see if their favourite stars will survive the cut.

One particular favorite, AJ Styles, was recently put in the spotlight after he was reportedly asked to take a leave to prepare for his Extreme Rules stint.  This alarmed fans, with some speculating that this might be WWE’s subtle way of slowly easing Styles away from the limelight.

Luckily, What Culture recently dished on the real reason for his absence- and it has nothing to do with his Extreme Rules stint or being fired from WWE.

“We’ve learned that Styles hit his ankle on the commentators’ table during Monday night’s RAW, and WWE wanted to make sure there wasn’t a hairline fracture so kept him out of the ring during Tuesday’s SmackDown taping,” the site noted. The site also confirmed that the well-liked WWE star will be back to the ring next week.

Meanwhile, there also have been talks about Adam Rose’s exit following his arrest.  Critics and WWE news fanatics are speculating that this might be a good chance for Vince McMahon’s team to cut the star off its roster since he was charged with domestic violence.

“You can’t be surprised if they [WWE] do cut him lose,” Justin LaBar told Chair Shot Reality as reported by Wrestle Zone. “What’s an interesting topic to me is while he’s absolutely responsible for his actions, if WWE cuts him does that make it worse when he’s apparently in a dark time where he could use help and support?”
“I think WWE is going to be left with no choice—second wellness violation, this happening, he’s not been a big part of the roster for the company,” he continued. “I think this is the beginning of the end.”