WWE posted an online video of ravishing Lana during her bikini photoshoot. The shooting has come amidst Wrestlemania rumors, Smackdown contest controversies, and Summerslam season.

Catherine Joy “C.J.” Perry, Lana of the WWE, looked bold and beautiful in a bikini, setting the sets on fire. Behind-the-scenes video of the beautiful WWE personality has successfully changed the stressed environment into calmer one. Lana said that she has been fond of bikinis. The only reason is that she loves herself. She added if  “you don’t love yourself, who’s gonna love you?”

Who is Lana?

The WWE star has fulfilled multiples roles as far as her professional expertise is concerned. She is an American professional wrestler who is also an actress, a dancer, and singer. Lana has also worked as a professional wrestling manager. Presently, she has signed a contract with WWE.

WWE shifts focus

WWE is known for uploading or posting rumors, controversies, revelations, and defy. But with sexy photoshoot video, for the time being, WWE seems to aim at chilling the atmosphere.

Besides the hot update of Lana, AJ Styles #BeatUpJohnCena is yet popular WWE news since Monday. Styles tweeted about his plans on his day off. “I’m gonna soak up some rays, take a dip in the pool, take a ride on the dolphin, and then…….#BeatUpJohnCena,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

To the comment, WWE professional John Cena responded via Twitter. He counter-attacked Styles and his hashtag initiative. “Strength; the ability to resist being broken by force,” the Cenation leader added. “Everyday life will #BeatUpJohnCena never waiver, never collapse, #NeverGiveUp.”

Styles initiates the hashtag following the Phenomenal One’s and his Club partners Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson discussed on various ways in which they would “beat up John Cena.” The Twitter war invited several comments from fans, few favoring Cena while some supporting Styles.

“When it’s time to #BeatUpJohnCena and you’re almost late,” Ben Talks Wrestling fan wrote and responded to Styles tweet. On the other hand, another tweet appreciated Styles take.”Its gonna be a productive day in the office. #BeatUpJohnCena,” The Bad Guy reacted on Twitter.

The ravishing video of Lana can surely shift the focus of WWE fans, but would it really work in helping fans forget the Twitter war? Fans need to wait and watch to see if Lana bikini photoshoot really works.