WWE superstar Daniel Bryan who has been wrestling for 16 years announced his retirement on Twitter before elaborating further when he appeared on Monday night RAW.

“Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw, I’ll have a chance to elaborate,” Bryan wrote on twitter.

Bryan later appeared on RAW to a standing ovation and the whole show was dedicated to the man who started to wrestle when he was just 18 years old.

Talking to a packed house at Monday night RAW, he said he has accumulated a lot of concussions in his brain over the years. After years of undergoing EEGs, brain MRIs and neuropsychological evaluations, which reported no faulty patterns, he has decided to not to take chances on his career. He also said he wants to spend time with his wife, WWE Diva Brie Bella and he is hopeful of having kids someday.

On an emotional night, Daniel Bryan is quoted in TV Line saying:

“It is with a heavy heart and the utmost sadness that I officially announce my retirement. I’ve gone through all these complex emotions in this last little bit. I’ve been angry, I’ve been sad, I’ve been frustrated … but today, when I woke up this morning, I felt nothing but gratitude. I have gotten to do what I love for nearly 16 years.”

According to Gamespot, Bryan had also lost the strength in his right arm in May 2014. He had to also forfeit his WWE and World Heavyweight Championships at WrestleMania 30 to undergo a neck surgery. Although, he returned to the WWE next year to win the Intercontinental title, another injury forced him to forfeit it for the second time.

The fans obliged to the great man and shouted the “Yes” chant one final time to give the man a fitting goodbye. RAW also had a set of video series that paid tribute to the man with #ThankYouDanielBryan trending on top throughout the night.