The WWE 2016 Draft is upon us once again. Who will make the cut? Who will have to leave? Should fans expect new faces in the ring soon? Or will more old favorites make a comeback before the year ends?

Fans might have to wait for the official announcement to know these things for sure. However, experts and critics alike have begun weighing in on what the show might have in store this year. WWE did assure fans earlier of surprises yet to come. Could these surprises include a shocking comeback? Could the WWE 2016 draft also see the return of  a former Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion?

According to, WWE has been trying to reach out to their former talents in preparation for this year’s draft. Would any of the former wrestling superstars come out of retirement after the Raw/SmackDown split? WWE itself has yet to confirm this. However, rumors have consistently brought up one name in particular: Kurt Angle. Could the International Sports Hall of Fame inductee really return to the WWE ring soon?

Angle stated that his old pal Triple H approached him about a possible WWE comeback. However, the one-time King of the Ring denied rumors of his participation in this year’s draft. “I had a talk with WWE,” Angle earlier told Sports Illustrated. “It’s confidential. I will not be returning for the draft. Possibly in the future, most likely next year, but that is not a guarantee. It was a loose conversation. But I will be in touch with Triple H in the future.”

Aside from Angle, rumors suggest Drew McIntyre, Carlito and Shane Helms might also return for the WWE 2016 Draft. However, none of these former professional wrestlers have confirmed their speculated return.

Meanwhile, Triple H is in China this week.  Reporters from PW Insider spotted the wrestler overseeing the WWE tryouts there. Will he find any new talent abroad in time for this year’s draft? Will any of his old pals return?

The WWE 2016 Draft will air this July 19. Who will join and what will happen then? Stay tuned for updates.