Brace yourselves WWE fans, good news is coming. Former WWE champion and recently-retired TNA wrestler Kurt Angle may make his way back into the WWE stage.

In an interview conducted with Ring Rust Radio, Angle was asked about his retirement from TNA and his possible return to the WWE:

“If I feel good after I take my time off, I might want to continue wrestling. That’s why I didn’t say I was retiring from wrestling for good. It was just the last matches I had under contract with TNA. It’s more of a TNA retirement thing rather than anything else…I don’t know to be honest. It all depends on how I feel about the situation.”

While he has wrestled many at Wrestle mania, Kurt Angle says that a meeting with WWE officials cannot be ruled out and anything can happen for him at this juncture.

“Is there a possibility that there will be a meeting in the future? Yes, I’m not counting it out. I think anybody in pro wrestling wouldn’t mind their last match being at Wrestle Mania,” said the six time champion.

Injured TNA star Jeff Hardy, who recently appeared in Ric Flair’s WOOOOO Nation! podcast, also said that he wants to make a comeback into the big stage, saying that he has unfinished business to accomplish.

“I think there’s a huge possibility down the road. I’m not sure when, but I think both Matt and myself would love to end our careers in the WWE and it’d be super, double great to be able to have a few more good ones with the Dudley Boyz, for sure.”
Jeff also mentioned that a return depends on the how much time the Dudley Boyz, whom he and Matt Hardy have had unforgettable matches against with, stays in the business.
“As far as us returning [to WWE] and having some more matches with them, it all depends on how long they’re going to be there and how long it takes us to get there. I mean, but, definitely, it’s a possibility. I’m just not sure when right now”, said Hardy.
With Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker coming back to revive the WWE, these two legends of the game could have a fight lined up together and give WWE that spark that has gone missing in an otherwise dying franchise.