Undertaker’s fans went gaga over him lifting 500 pounds to prepare for the “Hell in a Match” at the Wrestle Mania. The 25-year-old WWE veteran is turning 51 this week and as we come close to the epic Undertaker vs Shane McMahon clash, excitement seems to be trending high.

As per the Rolling Stone reports, Undertaker seems ready to “kick some ass”. He is currently preparing for his “Hell in a Cell” match against Shane McMahon at next month’s WrestleMania 32, and one thing McMahon should be worried is Undertaker lifting 500 pounds.

Undertaker’s trainee posted the video last Tuesday which showed the veteran deadlifting 500 pounds. He was also seen clearing a 40-inch box jump, notes the source.

Shane McMahon too shared his training on twitter.

Everything seems to be happening around Undertaker now. As per the Wrestle Zone reports, WWE revealed details for a new Undertaker-themed music collection called “WWE: Undertaker – From the Vault”.

The synopsis is already there for the album on iTunes. The post reads, “Longtime WWE Music producer Jim Johnston has “opened the vault” to present a compilation honouring the incredible 25-year career of The Undertaker. “WWE: Undertaker – From the Vault” features multiple iterations of The Phenom’s bone-chilling and legendary entrance theme beginning with his Survivor Series 1990 debut. The album also features a number of previously unreleased songs including a tribute to The Deadman from Moccasin Creek.”

Even Twitter is trending with Wrestlemania Raw hashtags. “Will Undertaker win?” Well, the question seems to have divided opinions on social media and we bring you some of the most trending tweets and discussions happening on Twitter right now.


Even female fans of Undertakers are not shying away to voice their opinions. But there seems to be divided fans too with some taking Shane McMahon’s side.

There are also trending topics like “Divas Uprising”. Two Diva matches at Wrestlemania have surely garnered huge popularity among fans.

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The Wrestlemania 32 has been scheduled for April 3, 2016, at the AT & T stadium in Dallas, Texas.