There is little you can do to an opponent if you see Undertaker lifting 500 pounds to prepare for the “Hell in a Match” at the Wrestle Mania.

The Wrestlemania 32 has been scheduled for April 3, 2016, at the AT & T stadium in Dallas, Texas. Most people are expecting it to be the final match of Undertaker. But then, the possibilities are endless and exciting.

According to the latest reports, WWE legends Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels are all set to “grace” the event with their presence while Mick Foley confirmed his presence earlier this month.

As per the Rolling Stone reports, Undertaker, who will be turning 51 next week, seems ready to “kick some ass”. He is currently preparing or his “Hell in a Cell” match against Shane McMahon at next month’s WrestleMania 32, and one thing McMahon should be worried is Undertaker lifting 500 pounds.

Undertaker’s trainee posted the video on Tuesday which showed the 25-year veteran deadlifting 500 pounds. He was also seen clearing a 40-inch box jump, notes the source.

The video is set to excite WWE fans as they get to see the measure of hard work being put in by their favourite stars.

The SB Nation carried a piece regarding McMohan’s training and the workout seems very impressive.

The main events will include Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker in a Hell In a Cell match, as well as Roman Reigns vs WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. Dean Ambrose will take the fight to Brock Lesnar in a “No Holds Barred Street Fight”.

Fans are anticipating the John Cena vs Undertaker match but Cena’s injury dashed those hopes.

The 15-time heavyweight champion, John Cena, had previously announced that he would be undergoing a medical procedure for a shoulder injury. He sidelined himself for “undetermined amount of time,” reported CBS Sports.

Stay tuned for more updates on Wrestlemania 32.