The excitement is growing by leaps and bound as fans and followers of WWE have been actively involved on the social media. The Wrestlemania 32 has been scheduled for April 3, 2016, at the AT & T stadium in Dallas, Texas and we are trying to bring you all the latest details on the upcoming mega event.

Most people are expecting the upcoming clash to be the final one in Undertaker’s career. Earlier, fans went gaga over him lifting 500 pounds to prepare for the “Hell in a Match” at the Wrestle Mania. The 25-year-old WWE veteran turned 51 and as we come close to the epic Undertaker vs Shane McMahon clash, excitement seems to be trending high.

What hyped things more was Monday night’s RAW which saw the 46-year-old McMahon take “legendary leaps” in his WWE career, noted the The clash proved to be a jolt to Undertaker who didn’t seem to take things lightly. So, here’s what happened.

The source quoted, “McMahon, who will take control of Raw from The Authority if he beats The Undertaker at pro wrestling’s flagship event, opened the show Monday trading barbs with The Undertaker in the ring — and after The Undertaker called McMahon a rich boy things got physical.

“The confrontation spilt outside the ring, where The Undertaker tossed McMahon into the barriers and ripped the cover off the announce table.

“McMahon reversed an Undertaker attempt to power bomb him through the table, then hit the Deadman with a television monitor and scaled the turnbuckle to deliver a massive flying elbow.”

The move ticked of a twitter war. You can read the posts below.

Of course, fans were ready to be part of the hype surrounding the Monday Night’s encounter. The  WrestleMania card has been already “weakened by the loss of John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Sting”, according to the, but followers are ready to engage in any update related to Undertaker v McMahon fight.