Triple H might have got into the “best shape” of his life for the WrestleMania clash against Roman Reigns but that didn’t pave the road for his victory.  The latest reports revealed that Roman Reigns finally triumphed Triple H to clinch the WWE Heavyweight Championship title at the Wrestlemania 32 at AT&T Center in Dallas.

Everything seemed to be happening at the event center at. The Undertaker beat Shane McMahon which turned out be a bloody affair. The Rock and John Cena appeared out of nowhere to add to the “electrifying” atmosphere of a 80,000-capacity center. But what followed after that was, as they say, “History”.

The WWE quoted, “For some, one versus all sounds like an unwinnable contest, a hellish punishment, or a neverending nightmare. For Roman Reigns it’s just another day at the office.”

The  14-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H couldn’t take what Reigns had to offer. The “King of Kings” seemed ready to the fight and it ended with Reigns championing the former WWE World Heavyweight champion.

The Wrestling Inc aptly put it, “Reigns gets a good pop and clutches the title on the mat as his music hits. Reigns sits up and smiles as Triple H rolls to the floor. Reigns raises the title from his knees as we go to replays.”

“Reigns gets up and stands tall with the title as the fireworks go off inside and outside of AT&T Stadium. Cole plugs their “Today” show appearance tomorrow and thanks us as Reigns poses in the corner with his title and WrestleMania 32 goes off the air.”

Earlier today, in the “No Holds Barred Street Fight” Brock Lesnar defeated Dean Ambrose and in the WWE Women’s Championship Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

From Shane McMahon’s death-defying leap to the appearance of The Rock, everything seemed to be crazy tonight. Stay updated more on WWE WrestleMania 32.