The Australian Conservation Foundation and Labor has released a report on carbon emissions in Australia that indicated the level of emissions has risen to 3.2 percent until July 2015.

The energy regulator has stated that the biggest climate polluters have contributed to the significant rise in the emission levels. The report named some of these polluters as EnergyAustralia, Loy Yang B power stations, GDF Suez, and AGL. The Guardian reported that some of these companies, however, have asked for governmental policies to help them curb the levels. Companies like AGL have called on the government asking for closure of the oldest or dirtiest coal plants across the nation.

ACF’s President Geoff Cousins detained the formal figures released by the foundation showing the rise in the emission levels in 2014-15 and claimed that the federal government’s policies also contributed to the rise in the level as they made it difficult for electricity sectors to convert into clean energy. Cousins confirmed that two out of the listed polluters have been found contributing the most to the rise in carbon emissions level in 2015 than 2014. “The federal government says it is meeting its climate targets, but there is clearly something wrong with those targets if they can’t be met while pollution is rising,” he said.

On the other hand, Clean Energy Regulator Chairman Chloe Munro said that the top 10 polluters have contributed to half of the reported emissions. She added that the coal mining, metal ore mining, and oil and gas extraction industries are the next big ones to contribute in the reported emissions. “Reported scope 1 emissions (direct) increased by two percent, compared to the 2013-14 year,” she said. “This is largely attributable to emissions from the electricity sector.”

The Australian, meanwhile, reported that Opposition Environment spokesman Mark Butler was quoted in saying that the federal government continues to promise meeting emissions reduction targets but can hardly give evidence of the success of the program.