A man in Central Java, Indonesia could be the oldest person in the world at 145 years. As confirmed by local Indonesian officials, the 145-year-old man, Mbah Gotho, was born on December 31, 1870, surpassing the previous record holder by 23 years.

According to a local Indonesian television report, the oldest person in the world has been preparing for his death since 1992, which includes purchasing a gravestone. However, more than 20 years later, Gotho is still alive, outliving all of his 10 siblings, four wives and even all of his children.

Meanwhile, Gotho does not seem to be too excited by his record-breaking age. In an interview with the regional news, the 145-year-old wishes to die. Apparently, the increasingly frail man has needed to be bathed and spoon-fed for the past three months.

Gotho adds that he spends time listening to the radio. The centenarian laments that his eyesight is no longer good enough to watch television shows.

The secret to his longevity is simple. According to Gotho, the recipe for a long life is simply patience.

Apart from his personal documentation, the Indonesian records office confirms Gotho’s birthdate as December 31, 1870. If this turns out to be true, this makes him older than the current holder of the oldest person title, Jeanne Calment from Arles, France, who died in August 1997 at 122 years.

Calment continued riding the bicycle until her 100th birthday. However, she said that she was never athletic or health conscious. She used to live alone but when she reached the age of 110 years, she had to be placed in a nursing home.

Calment’s record has actually been surpassed more than once. A man named James Olofintuyi from Nigeria claims to be 171 while another man named Dhaqabo Ebba from Ethiopia claims to be 163. However, these do not have the necessary documents that can verify their age.