It has been announced that the world’s first medical marijuana will be sold in New York.

As reported by Tech Times, one of the five licensed growers of marijuana is ready to sell the first kosher medical marijuana in New York.  The announcement was made immediately after the legalization of medical marijuana in New York City.

Vireo health of New York is the only cannabis company that has got a certificate from Orthodox Union.  Apex Tribune confirmed that Orthodox Union is the largest certifying body of kosher products in the world. It has certified 250,000 products around the world. Orthodox Union’s database contains information on over 200,000 ingredients found in different food items.

According to Daily News, Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kosher said that the organisation is very happy to certify Vireo.

However, According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the State Department of Health has not yet released a list of doctors who can prescribe medical marijuana.

Julie Netherland, deputy state director for the Drug Policy Alliance said, “it’s a real problem. We get calls from patients every day wanting to know how they can get a physician to help them, and in the absence of any kind of public list, there’s nothing we can do to assist.”

The NY Health Department launched its system for severely ill patients on December 23 last year. The site instructed patients to apply online for the medical marijuana program. It also stated that patient must be certified for the medical use of marijuana by a physician. The  Health Department  emphasised that the physician must have taken an online course and registered with the program.

The patient must get a certificate from a certified doctor and apply online for registration. After online registration, the patient will be given an identification card which must be used for the purchase of medical marijuana.

The report also lists in detail the life-threatening medical conditions under which one can qualify for the medical marijuana program.

Tech Times reported that it was great news for the Jewish community. In Judaism utilisation of medicines to alleviate pain is given utmost importance.

Rabbi Genack said, “Judaism prioritizes health and encourages the use of medicine designed to improve one’s health or reduce pain”. He also added, “using medical cannabis products recommended by a physician should not be regarded as a chet, a sinful act, but rather as a mitzvah, an imperative, a commandment”.