After bringing out the world’s cheapest tablet, the UbiSlate 27Ci, DataWind is now introducing the cheapest smartphone priced at mere $15.

According to a report in Economic Times, this Canadian-based manufacturer is collaborating with Indian telco Reliance Communications (RCom) to launch the device by the end of this year.

The phone is expected to begin retailing in India on 28 December, as noted by International Business Times.

Sharing the company’s vision with Economic Times, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Canada-based DataWind said, “We want to replace feature phones with low-cost smartphones and hope to shrink the feature phone market base to 5-10% from the existing 60-70% in the next one to two years,”

He also shared, “Our big focus is on network services, apps and content. Hardware today is a customer acquisition tool. Once people start using it, we can make money through service offerings.”

As many may expect, the handset will offer the most basic features. The device will run on a Linux-based OS along with RCom’s services.

If the pricing wasn’t enough, in the bid to entice more consumers, DataWind is also offering free data for a year with RCom’s services including email, Facebook and Watsapp with this $15 device.

Reportedly, DataWind in partnership with RCom has made sales of 400,000 devices within the past six months. And given that the Indian market is where currently affordable Android smartphones rule, DataWind’s offering is bound to be well received owing to its price-point.

The Canadian-based tech company is currently looking at Chinese and Taiwanese chipmakers. It is the “sliding prices of processors and weakening memory prices,” which have made it possible for the company to offer the device at a pricing of only $15.

In addition to partnering with Reliance, DataWind has also come together with the service provider Telenor, to offer the device with free Internet for a year.

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