The world’s biggest plane An-225 Mriya, which has a massive door on its big nose is all set to come to Australia.

The Ukranian cargo jet, made by Antonov Airlines, is 84 metres in length; that is longer than 53-foot semi-truck trailers and has 88.4m of wingspan. Its take-off weight is 705 tons; that is more than twice the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

The plane landed at Vaclav Havel Airport in the Prague, the Czech Republic on Tuesday. People gathered at the airport to have a glance of the massive bird, according to CNN.

Before taking a flight to Perth, Australia, the aircraft will be loaded with a130 tonne generator. It will fly over 9,680 miles over the course of four days, reports Mashable.

The plane has taken its first flight from Prague to Turkmenistan. From there it will stop in Hyderabad, India and then Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before touching the grounds of Perth on Sunday. Around 50,000 aviation lovers are expected to flock at Perth Airport.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for everybody so that’s why everyone’s so excited about it,” said Aviation Association of WA president David Eyre.

“It’s planned at the moment it will come in from the north, but if the wind swings around on the day, it could come in from the south,” he added.

Well, this would definitely wow you. The plane was fabricated in the 1980s and needs refuelling every 4000 kilometres. It has 32 wheels and six engines.

According to WA Today, DB Schenker, the specialist is handling the world’s largest resource projects and shipment will coordinate the Mriya’s arrival in Perth.

The Perth’s authority will also erect the signs near terminal 1 and 2 to give people best locations to view the beauty.

“Depending on which runway the Antonov arrives on – and this can only be determined by Airservices Australia on the day – you may be lucky enough to see the touchdown. Depending on the arrival time, the Antonov may then taxi past the vantage point on Airport Drive,” the website said.