As terrorist attacks and crimes reach an alarming rate, so does Islamophobia. Islamophobia is the intense dislike or fear of Muslims and Islam. Influential political figures further spread this culture of hatred and promote Islamophobia by voicing anti-Islam sentiments. From US Republican nominee Donald Trump to Pauline Hanson, traces of Islamophobia run deep in their speeches and campaign platform.

Extreme measures proposed range from considering barring Muslim immigrants from entering countries to threatening to deport citizens practicing the Islamic belief. Muslim groups and communities suffer the unintended consequence of religious persecution due to the radicalized and terror groups’ atrocities. Thus, it’s no wonder even the highly unregulated social media is used to spread these Islamophobic sentiments.

One such example has gone viral in Tumblr, a microblogging and social media site.

A poster enjoying the benefits of anonymity mused what the world will look like if there were no Muslims.

Humor or sarcasm are usually the goal of meme-style posts. However, this was not the case with the Islamophobic rhetoric to the point it alarmed a somewhat liberal and tolerant Tumblr community.

To answer the post, a keen Tumblr user listed some of the numerous contributions of individuals from the Islam community. From shedding light to proper accreditation of rightful inventors to everyday things, the Tumblr user properly shut down the Islamophobic rhetoric. The list included medical equipment, scientific discoveries and pioneers. Often wrongfully credited to the Western world, the Tumblr user showed how the Islamic community members have long contributed to the advancement of the modern world.

This is just one of those staunch social media warriors who bring enlightenment to an otherwise judgmental mindset that can easily infect at a global scale.

Despite the alarming rise in Islamophobic sentiments, Muslim communities have done their best to correct people’s irrational fear of Islam. The community wide Eid al-Fitr celebration the Islamic Council of Queensland created is one example. The Eid event showcased another of those Islamic contributions in the gastronomic culture among others.

While terrorist attacks fund fear into the hearts of non-Muslims, Islamophobia becomes a negative by-product. This triggers hate crimes and further terror in the community. Society at large needs to understand terrorist groups and the larger Islam community are two different groups.