While Australia celebrated Harmony Day yesterday, the rest of the world celebrated World Poetry Day. Fans of rhyme got creative with their verses, posting their own creations or their most loved poems on social media.

UNESCO declared World Poetry Day to be celebrated on March 21st every year. According to the official website, the objective of the day is to recognise the power of poetry that captures the creative spirit of a human mind. Here is how fans of the sonnet celebrated World Poetry Day across the globe.

The day promotes teaching as well as reading and writing poetry across the globe and this year was no different. People got creative and posted original lines on social media websites. Some shared their favourite classics while others remembered eminent poets from the days past.

Cafés across Dublin decided that the best way to promote poetry was to charge their cup of coffee with a rhyme. Entertainment.ie reveals that the innovative campaign was put together by Lovin Dublin and poet Kerrie O’Brien. The campaign was inspired by Julius Meinl, states Lovin Dublin and involves customers telling baristas that they would “pay with a poem.”

While actress Reese Witherspoon wished everyone a Happy World Poetry Day, others talked about their favourite poems.

NME took the opportunity to remember David Bowie and find solace in his lyrics while Boston Globe’s David Filipov has recited Donald Trump’s “Song to Myself.” It is a refashioning of Donald Trump’s words in a lyrical format and the result is interesting.

People got their creative juices running and resulted in the hilarious four-liner on “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The London Fire Brigade has used the occasion to remind the public to not burden the emergency services when their kinky acts go wrong.

Twitter user Zachary Reichard posted this “Arrested Development” inspired sonnet while others gave a neat twist to “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue … ”  then there were others who added a line or two.