Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie is months away from its premiere but there are rumors that it won’t click. Now, with the delay of Kingsman 2, the movie has an advantage to earn more.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is originally scheduled to hit theaters on June 2017 along with Wonder Woman‘s premiere. However, the spy themed film had to be delay it to October. Morning News USA reports that this serves as an advantage for the superhero film.

Before the delay of Kingsman 2, many believed that it would be a great competitor for DCEU’s Wonder Woman. Hence, it would affect much of the film’s earnings but because of the delay, the film could have a greater chance of earning more.

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Warner Bros. has reportedly been concentrating on the upcoming film after failing on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on their earnings which affected them. Now, the studio is aiming to earn $1 Billion and have a Box Office success with Wonder Woman. 

It seems that Warner Bros. is making sure that they wouldn’t fail this time. The movie is currently on its post production and will hit theaters on June 2, 2016. Furthermore, the studio will also release Justice League this November and Wonder Woman is also part of the movie.

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In a report by News Everyday, the superhero film will be one of the exciting movies of 2017. It will also be the new dominant superhero film in 12 years. It’s all new to moviegoers since the lead star is a female superhero.

Despite criticism about Gal Gadot’s role, the actress proved that she is perfect for the role. She is positive about her role and confident that she will do justice to character. “I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to show the strong, the strongest and more empowered side of women,” Gadot said.