Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Captain Marvel Brie Larson are the women to watch. Their appointments to key character roles certainly add excitement to the DC and Marvel universes, respectively. While their characters might be from separate universes, the key traits of both female superheroes will likely stand out and endear them to audiences even more.

1. Headliners of first female-led superhero films

Gal Gadot impressed audiences early on with her initial appearance as Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman,hence the high anticipation for her solo movie as the Amazon princess. Proof is evident on the trailer that debuted at Comic Con last weekend.

The event also gave way to the official confirmation of Brie Larson as Carola Danvers aka Captain Marvel.

2. Strong role models

Their roles feature tough women who are more than capable of handling themselves in a fight, if necessary. The upbringing of Wonder Woman trained her to be efficient in the use of war tools. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel’s alter ego earned her training from US Air Force.

Yet their pursuit of justice varies. Movie Pilot noted the take-no-prisoners approach of Wonder Woman. By contrast, the comic character of Captain Marvel is known to take the high road.

3. Independent

Both characters proved their independence as they answer a higher calling beyond a love story, a sentiment shared by Gal Gadot to Glamour April 2016 early on about Wonder Woman.

4. Outspoken

Both women freely express their opinions especially when it comes to matters that would affect the world. Thus, their views will likely challenge but at the same time interest audiences. Moreover, it is a reflection of their passion for justice and liberty. This is a trait that many would come to admire in these women.

5. Offers great potential for future female-led hero films

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are only the beginning. Audiences can likely look forward to more films that feature strong women in lead roles.