Gal Gadot kicked ass as Wonder Woman in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie, but apparently she is short of something that every female superhero should have – bigger breasts.

During one interview, the actress got a little bit irritated when asked about her boobs.

“You know, men,” Gadot says irritably, but managed to have a laugh. “Every one of them is obsessed with breasts. Honestly, it amused me. It was funny for me that it’s such an amazing character and all they have to critique is her bust. Me, as a person, I try not to pay too much attention to all the noise that comes when I get cast for something. Even if it’s good or even if it’s bad — because one day it’s good and the other day it’s bad, so I’d rather not pay attention to either,” Daily Telegraph quoted Gadot saying.

At a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the issue about Gadot’s breast size has brought up too but the only difference was, it was the actress who started the conversation about it.

Gal Gadot and Kimmel were talking about the host’s recent viewing of the film when suddenly Gadot asked him about Kimmel’s opinion on her breast.

“I have to say, I’ve seen the movie, and I know how seriously comic book nerds take this kind of stuff because I am one of them,” Kimmel said. Then Gadot asked him: “Really? What do you think about my breasts?”

Kimmel was genuinely shocked at the question. The Israeli actress explained that when she was cast as Wonder Woman and throughout the process of filming, a big topic of discussion was her breasts.

Watch full Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Gal Gadot below

Gadot told Kimmel that her only problem in playing the superhero was the outfit, which Kimmel complained departs from the traditional Wonder Woman look in the comics, Time magazine reported.

The actress revealed that when she first tried the costume on, she couldn’t breathe. “I was so happy and grateful and thankful for being there for doing this role that I didn’t say anything about the fact that it was so tight,” she said.

Gadot as Wonder Woman will make her first appearance in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” which will debut in cinemas on Friday (March 25). Gadot will have her standalone movie in 2017.