“Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot made her debut in DC film, “Batman v Superman,” last March. Several noted how she stole the limelight from the two superheroes. However, some were still unhappy with the selection of Gadot as the Amazon princess. Ahead of her standalone film, reports claim there’s someone who will replace Gadot.

According to ComicBookMovie.com, Nicolas Winding Refn had a meeting with Warner Bros. regarding the solo movie. And while Refn initially wanted to direct the film, he needed one condition. He wanted to give the Diana Prince role to “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks.

But as Patty Jenkins landed the directorial chair, there’s no reason for Hendricks to replace Gal Gadot. Meanwhile, ComicBook.com noted that there will be indeed changes on the solo movie. There is a significant change in her costume. Designer Michael Wilkinson confirmed this on the site.

“We did a slight tweaking of the color too,” Wilkinson said. “We’ve enriched the red a little bit. We always talk about centuries of congealed blood from her victims on the dress. So we really went for that really rich blood red on the dress. We increased and we exaggerated these sort of different golds and silvers. You can see [it] in her eagle and the W’s on her belt,” he added.

Wilkinson revealed that the changes were necessary to make it “more comfortable and more serviceable.”

When fans saw Gadot donning the previous costume, there was a big question on how Gadot looked like. Jimmy Kimmel even told Gadot, “I have to say, I’ve seen the movie, and I know how seriously comic book nerds take this kind of stuff because I am one of them,” Kimmel said.

The Israeli actress surprised the host with the question, “Really? What do you think about my breasts?” She then explained that DC fans compared her physicality with that of the real Diana in the comics. Meanwhile, Gadot assured fans that Diana Prince will be a lot different in her standalone film.

“Wonder Woman” will hit the big screen in 2017. Fans can also catch Diana Prince in upcoming film, “Justice League” on November 17, 2017.

Watch Wonder Woman in action below