Some fans consider Gal Gadot as one of the best things about “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” But will producers really replace her for the “Wonder Woman” solo movie?

According to, fans can expect to see a significant change for Diana Prince’s standalone film. But it would not involve a casting change. Gadot will still play the Amazonian superheroine. She will just wear a wildly different costume. “Justice League” costume designer Michael Wilkinson himself confirmed this.

Wilkinson explained that some changes had to be made to improve the quality of the outfit, comfort-wise.

“We did a slight tweaking of the color too,” Wilkinson added. “We’ve enriched the red a little bit. We always talk about centuries of congealed blood from her victims on the dress. So we really went for that really rich blood red on the dress. We increased and we exaggerated these sort of different golds and silvers. You can see [it] in her eagle and the W’s on her belt.”

More so, according to the designer, the change in Wonder Woman’s costume allows an easier execution of Gal Gadot’s choreography in the movie.

The costume designer said Zack Snyder ordered for the costume update. “He just wants everything to have this fantastic grace and reality to them,” Wilkinson said. “This is a costume that Wonder Woman has been wearing for all 5000 years of her existence… she hasn’t updated it. She trails the sword through all of her battles over the centuries, in the costume.”

Naturally, fans of the standalone “Wonder Woman” film have high expectations for the character’s adaptation. Hence, it makes sense for people behind production to be very particular with the details.

You can catch the actress’ take on the iconic DC heroine again for the upcoming “Justice League” movie. In a separate report, also revealed how much fun Gadot is having on set. “I think we’ve found a very, very interesting dynamic,” the actress said. “Each and every character brings their own flavor and color to the team. And for me…it’s also really fun to play with them, it felt great, they’re talented, and I’m having a great time.”

The solo “Wonder Woman” movie will premiere in 2017.