“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot thinks the Amazonian Princess is the best superhero of all time. We’ve seen her on “Batman vs Superman” yet it seems there’s more to know about in her upcoming standalone film.

When DC introduced Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, there were mixed reactions. Some thought of her as not meeting the physical aspects of the comic book hero. Others believed her introduction on “Batman vs Superman” stole the spotlight from the two iconic superheroes. Nonetheless, the Israeli actress revealed why she thinks her character is very important.

“Being a mother with a 3 and a half year old daughter, it’s really important for me that, it’s really important for me to show her, oh my God, it’s really important for me to show her that women are great and women can follow their dreams and do what they feel like doing, and I’m very happy that I have the opportunity to show the strong, the strongest and the more empowered side of women, and I hope women are going to love it, and also men, and children, and babies, and animals,” she revealed to Cinema Blend.

The publication also noted that Gal Gadot proved Warner Bros. that she was worthy of the role. There were previous reports that mentioned the possible replacement for Gadot. If Patty Jenkins did not get the directorial role, things could have turned out quite differently. And yes, there would have been a different Amazonian Princess.

Watch Wonder Woman in “Batman vs Superman” below:



According to reports, Nicolas Winding Refn had earlier talks with Warner Bros. However, Refn only agreed to direct the standalone film should “Mad Men” actress Christina Hendricks become Diana Prince. But since we have Jenkins aboard, there’s no need to worry for Gadot’s replacement. Nonetheless, her solo film will likely bring significant changes in her character.

Gadot described her character as “young and reckless.” She revealed that the Wonder Woman was “super” in “BvS” yet in her solo film, she’s “more naive and pure.” In addition, the upcoming DC film will be dark as it will also feature Diana Prince’s past.

“Wonder Woman” will hit the big screen in 2017.