The British Prime Minister David Cameron instructed the British army to allow women to fight on the frontline.

In a report by The Guardian, it has been stated that Cameron had asked the Minister of Defense to allow women in close combat roles by the end of 2016. By allowing women in military, Mr. Cameron wants to follow the countries like US and Australia.

Confirming the news Cameron said that the policy is under government’s review. He confirmed that they had already lifted a number of barriers in their armed forces by introducing female submariners and highest ranking women officials. He also added that they would “finish the job” by opening up ground combat roles for women, the coming  year.

However, the move is drawing negative criticism from some commanders and serving soldiers who argue that mix sex units are going to undermine the army’s capability and also reduce the efficiency level, the Telegraph noted.

They have emphasized that young men and women living in close proximity will naturally form relationships and consequently there will be disruption in the unit’s cohesion. Moreover, men might tend to protect the women they are attached to, overlooking the unit’s other comrades.

Another issue raised regarding the decision is whether women are physically strong enough to survive selection and the training procedure.

According to the Daily Mail, very few men get selected in army and women’s number will be fewer than their male counterparts and consequently there will be very few women in the force.

Another unavoidable question is if selected, are they fit enough for rigidities and harshness of the frontline life, where they have to carry heavy loads for a long time. Some critics are expecting relaxations in the case of women and demanding that only those who have the same level of fitness as man be selected.

The question of extreme ferocity and aggression in the part of women is also raised. Warnings are given on the issue of sexual abuse which has been already experienced by US military force. The US Marine Corps conducted trials of men and women serving together in a simulated close combat mission and found out that the unit was less efficient than an all-man unit, Daily Mail noted.

Thus, the whole issue of women’s inclusion in the British army frontline is drawing a lot of attention.